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Time Management and Effectiveness

Effective time management is one of the keys of personal and corporate success. Whilst it is impossible to create more time, the ability to use this precious resource wisely allows us to feel our life is under control and benefit from every minute.

This course empowers participants to become highly efficient in their use of time, with the added benefit of experiencing a considerable increase in self-confidence, creativity and decision-making ability.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Organize time effectively in accordance with their priorities
  • Spend quality time on things that matter
  • Enjoy the sensation of having "life under control"
  • Ensure the willing cooperation of colleagues in achieving objectives
  • Realize goals and meet deadlines
  • Deal with tasks in a more organized and systematic fashion

The workshop combines theoretical and practical sessions, including one outdoor activity, and is highly interactive, allowing participants to make the most of the learning process and ensuring maximum skill transference.

In-house/Open — Spanish/English — 2 days
Also offered as 'Inside Out' course

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